Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

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Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

Let our expertise in office cleaning business tailor an office cleaning program to meet your company’s needs. Presenting a clean business environment is paramount to impressing clients and customers. Our expert office cleaning services ensure a worry- free way for your business to maintain a professional look day after day. Whether you require daily office cleaning services or a weekly or monthly service, we will customise a cleaning program specifically for your business. From small offices to large office buildings, Sapphire Clean has the staff, equipment and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Our office cleaning services commonly entail the following services however services can be tailored to suit your company’s individual needs.

  1. Absence of litter from all waste bins.
  2. Absence of soil, litter, dust from all carpets.
  3. Absence of dirt and soil from seating.
  4. Absence of streaks, spots and stains from all bright work.
  5. Absence of soil and litter in/on foyers, entrances, walkways etc.
  6. Absence of soil and stains from toilet room fixtures, drains, taps, soap dispensers, stalls, mirrors, sinks, hand dryers and cisterns.
  7. Absence of dust from window sills, frames, ledges and skirtings.
  8. Absence of streaks and marks from all glass-work.
  9. Absence of dust from all offices. Phones, computer screens & keyboards, filling cabinets, photocopiers and all office furniture.
  • Office Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

We service Schools, Offices, corporate buildings, Supermarkets, Hotels etc.

It is the aim of Sapphire Cleaning to minimise the risk of injury and disease to our employees and other persons by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the management of occupational health, safety and welfare and providing the resources for its successful implementation and continuous improvement.

We have $20’000’000 Public liability insurance & $20’000’000 products liability.

Some conditions may apply for this service.

Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide

Finding an Option for Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide You Can Trust

When you can reach out to a third party for assistance in commercial cleaning in Adelaide, your business can save valuable time without sacrificing cleanliness. In fact, relying upon reputable companies to handle cleaning can allow you to consistently maintain your workspaces in far better conditions over the long term. At Sapphire Clean, we provide a detail-oriented cleaning service with plans that we can customise to suit the specific needs of your business.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Companies Such As Sapphire Clean

Why contract out for cleaning duties when you could have an in-house custodial staff or a policy that involves your employees? There are several valuable benefits you can unlock with experienced help on your side, such as:

  • Ensure dependably consistent results, allowing you to open your doors to customers or clients with greater confidence. A cleaner space improves morale and enhances perceptions of your business.
  • Save over the long term. Bringing on additional staff comes with an array of added costs for the business, not to mention the expense of going through the hiring and onboarding process again should a custodian depart the company. Working with cleaning companies in Adelaide Hills simplifies your position immensely.
  • Customise the cleaning you want in Adelaide Hills to address problem areas or adjust services as needed. Working with the right provider allows you to enjoy greater leeway in terms of deciding what to do and when, while also providing options for more in-depth cleaning as needed.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide Hills

At Sapphire Clean, we stand out by providing a versatile service that we can adapt to meet various levels of demand based on the situation. To that end, we are also adept at providing services that include:

  • Window cleaning. When windows become very dirty, less natural light enters the building, which can harm morale. We provide robust window washing services to help tackle this task even when you have a large amount of glass to clean.
  • Tile and grout cleaning. Want to make sure that the bathrooms in your business sparkle and shine like new? Many of our clients find the difference in how a bathroom looks after tile cleaning to be an almost complete transformation.
  • Pressure cleaning. Exterior surfaces become dirty over time, too, and you may wish to revitalise the outdoor appearance of your business eventually. Removing built-up road grime and accumulated dirt requires the power of a stream of high-pressure water wielded by a skilled operator, which we can provide.

About Sapphire Clean

Operating for nearly two decades, Sapphire Clean comprises a dedicated team of cleaning professionals with the equipment and experience necessary to leave your office sparkling for the start of every day. Whether you need only occasional deep cleaning assistance or you’d like to enlist our help for more routine cleaning, we stand ready to help — even for very large commercial buildings. Reach out and say hello today to discuss your specific requirements.