Carpet cleaning – can you remove all stains?

We’d like to guarantee 100% that we can remove all stains, however we can’t. We can remove most stains, but it depends on a several factors like; How long the stain has been there, have chemicals been used (some store chemicals set stains).

Will the grout be cleaned when the tiles are cleaned?

Yes. We put chemicals on first then use our machine to clean both the tiles and grout.

Can I get a quote over the phone for pressure cleaning?

We can give you a rough idea over the phone, but we need to do an onsite inspection to give you an accurate price.

What commercial cleaning services do you provide?

With commercial cleaning we tailor a package to suit your needs. We work with you to give you what want. Pricing will vary based on the frequency, the industry, your budget and more

I’ve spilled bleach on my carpet. Can you get it out of the carpet?

The short answer is no.

Can you get all stains off upholstery?

We can’t give a 100% guarantee, but we can get most stains out.